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Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors And More Family Safety Products In Wichita Falls

Linking your Wichita Falls fire alarms to an alarm system has a lot of benefits over traditional smoke detectors. And the quicker you can detect and respond to a safety issue the faster you can get your loved ones out of harm’s way.

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Wichita Falls Fire Alarms Work Harder Than Standard Smoke Detectors

When you integrate your fire alarms with your home security system, fire detection becomes much more powerful. Basic smoke detectors only alert you to an emergency when there’s smoke. However, your Wichita Falls fire alarms with ADT monitoring detect smoke and rising heat. The fire alarm can alert your family of a fire threat more quickly, so everyone can get to a safe place as quickly as possible. Plus, your ADT monitoring system can instantly alert emergency services -- even if you’re away.

Get Monitored Detection For Different Emergencies

When upgrading your Wichita Falls fire alarms, you can add additional emergency detection to your home’s security:

Flood and CO Detectors: Make sure you’re prepared for other environmental emergencies in Wichita Falls. Carbon monoxide has been called “the silent killer” and is very difficult to sense unless you have a sensor. Flood sensors can alert you to water detected in a monitored area before your basement has two feet of water. Your environmental alarms in Wichita Falls are ADT monitored to send alerts or contact the proper authorities.

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Temperature Detectors: A separate temperature sensor helps keep certain rooms at specific temperatures to avoid emergencies. For instance, monitor plumbing areas in the winter to prevent frozen pipes due to temperature differences around your house. You can also keep track of the exact temperature in your  house through your ADT Control mobile app.

Medical Emergency Systems: If anyone in your home has a medical concern that requires constant monitoring, you might want to get a notification system that plugs in to your ADT monitored security system. Emergency alert keychains and fall down monitors may be helpful if there’s a medical emergency in your residence and you can’t access the phone.

Redundant Monitoring Is The Key To Wichita Falls Fire Alarms

While your house is being protected from environmental emergencies, so are the ADT monitoring centers. If your property’s monitoring station goes down due to an emergency, the next one will still immediately answer your alerts. Feel confident in the knowledge that you're backed by a live security specialist 24/7/365.

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